1956 was the year this time, one year before my birth!


The following line up is from Alex Sibbald:

Back row (l to r) : Bert Thomson(Trainer), Ronnie McGlinchey, Wullie Friel, Stewart Morrison, Jimmy Denholm?, Geordie Summers, Roy? Mathieson

Front row (l to r) : Alex Scott, Ged Bett, Tommy Paterson, Clive Cunningham, Tommy McComisky?

I recently received this very interesting email from Nick Carlin regarding Tam Paterson:

In the 1950s, I worked in the same Firm as an ex-player of Whitburn Juniors. That player is Tam Paterson, pictured front row (crouching) 3rd from left, in the picture of the Club's *1956* team photograph.

Tam (or Tommy) was a very good player, scoring many goals for the Club.  I recall at one stage in the 1950s Stirling Albion wanted to sign him, but for some reason or other, he refused and stayed with Whitburn Juniors.

I also clearly recall one big centre-page headline in the Edinburgh Saturday 'pink' around 1956/57 when it read..


The game was against Edinburgh United when Tam scored 4 excellent goals against them.

In the mid-fifties, I often went to Whitburn's games to see Tam, and invariably he scored.  He was a very good player who really should have gone a lot further in Scottish Football.

During that time (the 1950s) Tam lived in Winchburgh. He worked as an Upholsterer for a House Furnishing company called J & T Scott of 250 Morrison St, Haymarket, Edinburgh.  I was apprenticed to Tam and later, we became good friends. I last saw Tam around late 1959, when I left Scotland to live in London.  I now live in Bournemouth (retired at last :-)

I often wondered what became of Tam.  If he's still around today he'll be in his mid-to late 70s.

Some information about some of the players, provided again by Alex Sibbald:

Ronnie McGlinchey later became a Committee member, about 1958
His father- in- law Jack Johnstone was one of the kit men for years

Stewart Morrison was about 17 in the photo , later went to Duindee United in 1959
His father and uncle ran The Cross Tavern pub, at the traffic lights, for many years -`Morrisons``
I was in the same Whitburn Primary School (Whitdale) class as Stewart

Jimmy Denholm was another local

Bert Thomson, another local went to New Zealand in about 1958 but returned after about two or three years

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