Now in the swinging sixties, this team won two trophies in 1960


Back (L to R) : Jimmy Brown(Trainer), Geordie Summers, Jimmy Denholm, Sam Park, Sam McKee, Wullie Friel, Benny Stewart

Front (L to R) : Alex McAllister, Jimmy McIntyre, Ian Currie, John Cooper, Andrew Miller


The above line up provided by Alex Sibbald, together with the following :

Sam McKee, a local from King Street was in the same Primary School class as Stewart Morrison and myself

Sam Park was my boss when I worked in the old Atlas Steel Foundry (part of the Menzies group - NBSG) during 1971-73. He was a pleasure to work with.

Jimmy Brown was also a player for Whitburn in about the later 1940s or early fifties. He later played for Falkirk. He was a very speedy right-winger, in the style of old formation (the W formation)

I played in the same over 15 school team as Jimmy McIntyre ( Lindsay High School , Bathgate). The school no longer is in existence Stewart Morrison played for Bathgate Academy against us. Also in that Academy team was Nig Shepherd, who played centre-half for Whitburn in the early sixties. Her married Tam McCue`s daughter, and they emigrated to Australia .. Tam was also a committee member when I joined the club.


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