Teams from years gone by

Taken in 1937 this must be one of the first pictures ever of the team.


Back Row (L to R): J. Beveridge (Trainer), Unknown, L.Stewart (Capt.), K. McNair, S.McKay (or possibly J. Whiteford), Kelly, Unknown (with collar), P. Lavin, A.K. Hunter, Joiner (in suit), F. Gillhooly

Front Row (L to R): H. McCallum (scout, standing), J. Davidson, G. Marshall, W. Pollock, J. Turnbull, A. Auld, D. Rankine.

Information supplied by Tom and Alex Neally for which thanks.


The team pictured in 1950


Back row (L to R) : W Strickland, D Glennie, J Flannigan, unknown, A Black, R McManus, M Niven, G Fallon, H Stewart

Front row (L to R) : R Clark, G Stevenson, unknown, unknown,unknown,unknown, J Nelson, unknown

The above line up provided by Willie Burton

From Alex Sibbald :

The only person I recognize is Harry Stewart in the suit, standing on the right hand side of the photo.
He was later Provost of the town and ran Swan the Fishmonger business.


Only one year after the last one, the team are again photographed. How many remained from the team of the previous year?


Back row (L to R) : T Drummond, J Thompson, G Fallon, J Flannigan, A Black, R McManus, M Niven

Front row (L to R) : unknown, J Sprohle, Crozier?, unknown, J Nelsom

I am again indebted to Willie Burton for providing the above information.